Digital Marketing



We depart from an specific idea for online promotion: A goal oriented action that is reflected on concrete monitored tasks.

And we make this posible by understanding your audience and competition status as the first step to generate an overall Digital Marketing Strategy with adaptability in mind. This means that all strategies must be subject to revision constantly through analytic tools data analyisis on results.

Our Online Marketing work is centered on Local SEO planned strategies.

Why local SEO? Segmentation has been the growing trend of the mobile internet era and we think that no matter your project size and reach nowadays you are subjected to compete from the local market standpoint by targeting location based Google searches in a curated way.

Being local is being global.

Aligned with this we offer you dedicated Google my Business profile optimization and account monitoring to complete an integrated strategy on Google.

Monitoring added to content posting management plans are also the elemental blocks of our Social Media Strategy with consideration of the adequate networks to engage for your campaigns.

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