AXA Structured Capital Strategies


Blastoff Digital App Agency


This Ipad only IOS App is a financial tool that provides assessment on Annuity Investments to users by helping them find a product that matches their type of profile. Available in the United States App Store, is currently active and free to download as a gateway of information about AXA’s portfolio investments products.

A key feature is that users get information on each product through the visualization of interactive charts that can be adjusted to match alternatives and results on projected investments with their returns.
Blastoff Digital App Agency
Our involvement on the project consists of three stages. A first one for the UX design that determined the screen flow on the App and how charts will respond with the users. The second stage determined the interface design as close as it is now in the live version of the App.

After Design and Usability on the project were established, we provided development of frontend and backend with respective testing rounds, scheduled maintenance and content updates until present time.
Blastoff Digital App Agency

For more details please go to the App Store preview page.